Individual approach to each client

We take a personalized approach to every client by assessing their loan application on an individual basis. It's essential that clients provide precise information when filling out the application to enable us to provide tailored assistance. After thoroughly reviewing the application, we may offer a loan amount that is less than what was initially requested, but is more suitable for the client's financial circumstances.

About Soscredit

Loans to new clients up to 80 000 Rs without interest and 0% commission. The minimum loan repayment period is 3 months, maximum loan repayment period is 12 months.

When you take out a Soscredit loan, the payment terms and repayment period remain the same throughout the loan period. The loan amount, interest payments and payment period are agreed and defined in the contract, which can only be changed if both parties expressly agree to the changes.

If you need to cover unexpected expenses, a loan can be an acceptable solution, if you do not have a foreclosure and the loan repayment does not exceed your monthly income. Borrow responsibly!

Calculation example (representative example): Loan of Rs 50 000 for 6 months, monthly payment Rs 8 948, total amount Rs 53 688, annual percentage rate APR 15%. The maximum APR is 365%.

Making your loan payments on time results in a favorable credit score, which improves your chances of getting better loan terms in the future. Lenders have the right to charge interest on late payments. Borrowers who do not repay their loans properly will lose the opportunity to receive discounts at the next application.

Why choose Soscredit


New clients are eligible for a 100% commission discount


On average, the loan application process takes 15 minutes


Loans are available to those who are 20 years or older


Choose a monthly payment amount


Withdraw the full loan amount at once or in installments


Easy to apply for additional funds